The Lilith Zone A Spiritual Channel Revisited


Based on the Mars Retrograde motion and some below the belt punches I revisited: I thought it might be a good Idea to repost my post on The Lilith Zone A spiritual Channel. The Lilith Zone are the degrees between Mean Black Moon Lilith and Corrected/Natural Black Moon Lilith. Together they form the Lilith Zone.  Where Corrected/Natural Lilith represents the most visible and tangible one: Mean Black Moon Lilith represents the void. If Mean Black Moon Lilith in transit go’s through the Lilith Zone you are having your Lilith return.

With Mean Black Moon going through solid Taurus conjoining Jupiter, I have never seen more Lilith’s coming out of the shadows like I have lately. They are everywhere…!

The Lilith Zone a Spiritual Channel

Within  Carteret’s system we work with what we call: The Lilith Zone also called, The spiritual channel. It isn’t the same as the Lilith Corridor other systems are working  with. I personally adopted Carteret’s system because it is spot on accurate; and has a much more profound and significant effect than any other system I have seen up until now, if it comes to Black Moon Lilith and the way I work with her as a psychological astrologer.

Before I found Carteret’s system, I just didn’t know how to fit her in. Other systems of working with BML might work  good  as well but Carteret’s system definitely works for me. However you can’t hardly find anything on Carteret’s system in the English language.

In a nutshell the Lilith zone is the spot  where the Moon can’t be further away from the earth in the circle she makes   around the planet . The Lilith Zone is the void between Mean Black Moon Lilith and Corrected and/or Natural Black Moon Lilith. The channel has a variety from 3 to 12 degrees this zone within Carteret’s  system is called  the Lilith Zone and/or the Spiritual Channel.

The bigger the channel the harder it is to keep the denial going and the bigger the chance you’ll get in touch with the consciousness the channel represents.

Because of her distance from the earth on a psychological level she alienates herself from her cultural surroundings and might start stepping out of line. In this context she doesn’t act out like the Moon, but more like the Sun as an authentic, self reliant star.The Black Moon in the chart uncovers the place where you escape from being in tune with your social and cultural background. At this point you don’t have a role model, but you reject the social etiquette and cultural role models that are surrounding you.

What Black Moon Lilith wants from you (male or female) is to step into the void: instead of adjusting yourself to your surroundings. Adjustment and with it the feeling of safety doesn’t work out for you in the Lilith Zone. Needles to say this comes with fear, feelings of being uncomfortable, and resentment.  Your social surrounding  as well as your  cultural background don’t feel comfortable with you either in the area’s  where she is positioned in the chart.

Nevertheless the Lilith Zone represents the channel where you can have true contact with your soul as well as the universal consciousness. However Lilith isn’t soft spoken: she is kind of harsh. She doesn’t ask, but more like Pluto: she demands and like Uranus she works out in a kind of  flashy,  sudden way.

She wants you to follow your intuition by letting everything else go: The fear, the acceptance by your surroundings, as well as your ego. But she is not asking this in a subtle way, like Neptune does. She needs you to be strong like she is to get the job done: Lilith’s sign, house, and aspects. While nobody can take a hold on to your ego: not even you. Which  takes strength.

If you consciously want to work with Black Moon Lilith you’ll have to be able to face rejection from your social surroundings, and on a deep level know your own ego boundaries; as well as your true authenticity. Working with Lilith takes a lot of self awareness in the sense of: Know Thy Self…

Truly knowing yourself is necessary before you can let the ego go and jump into the void. Which she needs you to do. If you make a mistake and have gaps in the development of your personality: she will take you down without an excuse, so you can heal the gaps. This is why I call her Vajra: she is an instrument of the absolute and needs you to be real in essence.

So, when Lilith calls you from within, you better be ready to face reality as it is so she can work with you on a spiritual level; in the area’s where she is positioned in your chart: Lilith’s sign, house and aspects.

For those of you who just had your Lilith Returns through Aries, or both through Aries and Taurus, the Mars Rx motion in Virgo might give you a chance to analyse what happened to you last year, as well as a better understanding of what having Lilith in Aries actually means to you.

Update 15-11-2013

When I wrote this post back in January 2012, Mars in Virgo just started his retrograde motion. Since then, many things happened in my life and I took the blog out for certain reasons.

Right now, while Mars is in Virgo again the blog is under reconstruction and as usual, I’ll have some editing to do. Many of the clips I’ve posted are expired and hunted down by copyright claims. I’ll have to treasure hunt again myself, to replace them. However, I decided not to replace the video on this post, which was a clip of Bruce Lee’s one inch punch in slow-motion. If you push ‘he red button’ now you’ll see a copyright claim made by Bruce Lee Enterprises.

Since copyright infringements in many shapes and forms played a huge part in my life, the last one and a half-year, I like to keep it exactly the way it is. To me this is what Oprah would call: “a full circle moment”.

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