Venus on top of Pluto in Capricorn: Power Bitching


While Lilith still is in Jupiter’s orb in Cancer: Venus sneaked up on Pluto in Capricorn. Entered her retrograde shadow, where she’ll move on before she comes back to give him some more…

Venus in Capricorn values the status quo. Being, and staying in authority is a big issue to her. She can be quite cool on the surface, but is truly serious and can be harsh underneath her mask. She works hard, and methodically for what she established, and will not let it slip out of her hands easily. Loosing what she worked for is one of her biggest fears, if not: her biggest fear. Men in positions of authority are attractive to her, and if she commits herself to a man; he must be in a certain position to maintain her attention towards him. Venus in Capricorn, for example, is the woman who married the Texan Oil Tycoon, and loves the power as well as the position in society it gives her.

On the other side of the axis concerning her retrograde motion in Capricorn; we’ll have Jupiter moving away backwards,  out of the conjunction with Black Moon Lilith. On her retrograde motion Venus in Capricorn will make an opposition to both of them and might clear some things up, if it comes to power-bitching. One of the myths that annoys the crap out of me is Lilith as power-bitching, lustful, dressed to kill, in latex, on stiletto heels, equipped with a whip whore: who will sit on your face before you can blink your eyes; and does it to you beyond your control, all night long… Which based on the facts of Lilith’s oppression must be every man’s worst, effing nightmare, right…?

At the risk of being annoying myself, the above mentioned has nothing to do with Lilith: it does however have everything to do with Venus on top of Pluto. Venus/Pluto contacts, Venus in Scorpio, and Venus into the 8th house. Manipulation and sexual power plays, with or without money, and other people’s resources involved is not a Lilith theme: it’s a Venus/Pluto theme.

I should know: I have Waldemath’s Dark Moon conjunct Jupiter, at the cusp of my 8th house; trining Mean Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, and Venus in Taurus as ruler of the 5th, squaring Corrected/Natural BML in Aquarius on the cusp of the 3rd house, and don’t even come close to such a mindset concerning my sexual life, money, and/or other people’s resources. I do however, want whats mine in terms of entitlement; and can get seriously pissed off and come for you, if you are the one who deprives me from that. Which, does however, can get ugly in my particular case.

Having said that, this opposition could be an interesting watch, if it comes to the gaps in what most people see as ‘common’ Lilithian ‘bitching’ traits, versus the typical ‘power bitching’ Venusian/Plutonian traits Capricornian style. All this weaved into the Cardinal Cross, might mean we could be in for some serious bitch-fights by the end of this week.

Another astrological factor which makes this Venus Rx interesting, is the fact that her retrograde shadow doesn’t only start in conjunction with Pluto: but also on top of the Diamond/Black Sun axis, at 12+ Capricorn/Cancer. Another one of the illusive, and controversial Jean Carteret’s, Spiritual Points…

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