Route 66 – The Score: Venus in Retrospect…

For many people born in 1966, Venus Rx in Capricorn will be reviewing the last 30 years. Her dispositor: Saturn is on top of many of our natal Neptune/South Nodes positions in Scorpio, While dispositor, Pluto (himself) ended up in Capricorn.

Personally, I ended up watching old episodes of Miami Vice as soon as Venus entered her Rx shadow, which started running when Saturn made a conjunction with Neptune in Scorpio, the last time around. Somehow, it was an eye-opener which gave me some interesting perspectives concerning the beginning of a cycle, we ‘Flower Power Children’ are ending, right now. It triggered certain memories for one thing: it also was the first TV show that used music the way it did, with a high Neptune factor on top of the most incredible Plutonic situations, and boy… Did we look weird in those days if it comes to hair styles, our use of make up, colors, and clothes…?!  (Lol!)  As a person who is always watching the way art director’s work with colors, light and styles in the background, it was an incredible interesting watch if it comes to that one as well. Good, but difficult job though, considering all the colors we were displaying, back in those days. If it comes to those, in my personal opinion, these days: less, most definitely, is more….

However, with the Jupiter/Lilith conjunction in Cancer we’ve just had, it also gave one hell of a contrast if it comes to what once was; compared to what is. Especially on an emotional level (the emotional body). Lilith cuts through the truth: in this case on a personal, emotional level concerning security in family matters, motherhood; as well as on a social level if it comes to society as a whole (Jupiter). Like educational prosperity’s (Jupiter), and the financial situation (Pluto in Capricorn) for our children, within the system as we have it today. With Lilith in Cancer as part of the Cardinal Cross: many women might realize that motherhood, somehow, became marginalized and rejected by society in general, for the last two decades; and some of us simply won’t take it  anymore. For many born into the mid sixties in general, menopause will rear its ugly head and with it those frantic feelings of urgency; if it comes to how to survive the next two, or three decades with guts (Lilith). But with Pluto in Capricorn combined with the money issues (Venus Rx in Capricorn) it gives, one might wonder: will we still have our teeth by then…?!

The above mentioned are just some of the issues, reviewing, the past 30 years will bring up for those who were born in 1966; with Neptune on their South Nodes in Scorpio, the Uranus, Pluto conjunction in Virgo, Saturn in Pisces, BML in Aquarius/Pisces, Chiron in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer; and for a part of ’66, Venus in Taurus: ruler of our North Nodes. For those like me who have their Venus in Taurus conjoining their North Nodes; Saturn on top of  our Neptune/South Node conjunction is sort of depressing, but for what it’s worth: besides Crockett and Tubbs; at least we‘ve got rid of  those crazy hair and make up styles. Which, in retrospect, is a good thing.

In the mean time, fortunately, Lilith and Jupiter  in Cancer are drifting apart:  not if it comes to what they have been revealing in general, but if it comes to how deep the ‘cut’ felt on an emotional level; considered the fact that Jupiter in Cancer expands the feeling. Lilith still is in a wide orb on top of Jupiter, or maybe even the other way around: who can tell at this point…? However yet, Venus Rx in Capricorn in opposition within the Jupiter/Lilith conjunction, turns out being a stabilizing factor for those who felt emotionally blown away by circumstances; for about roughly, the past six months (:p).

Venus in retrospect however, will make another opposition to both of them in the weeks to come; Lilith is moving out of her orb with Jupiter, while she is dancing through the last degrees of Cancer, before she slips into Leo on March the 5th: where she will highlight and cut through matters of the Zodiac which are covered by the Lion; when Jupiter stationary will be in Cancer, reviewing their last dance together, before he turns direct on March the 7th. More about that later…

For those of us born in 1966, we do have another thing coming: at January 31 2014, the day before Venus will station Direct, the Chinese year of the Horse will kick off; which happens to be the Chinese astrological year we were born into. No matter how lousy we might feel today: we have an erratic year coming. Full of opportunities; we most definitely are equipped for: from the day we were born.

Do however, keep in mind when Venus makes her opposition to Lilith in the mean time, she also is in conjunction with Priapus: the opposite point of The Lilith/Priapus Axis: The marginalized up against the established ones…  You can read more about the Lilith/Priapus dynamics and how they play out by going to my  Manual page and scroll to Tags, where you can click on the Lilith and Priapus  Tag I have there. But here are some, roughly pointed out, Lilith/Priapus themes from both sides of the spectrum, to ponder on.

Lilith themes:

Oppression, Trauma, Rejection, Demonized, Marginalization, Exploitation, Feared, sexualized, Abused, Used, Sexual (tantra) Power, Pure intentions, Injustice,  Rage, Ranting, Sacred Anger, Abortion, Rape, Slavery, Child Abduction, Cutting Through, Scarlet, Authenticity, Feeling and being unseen/ignored, Rejected, Deprived, Buried a live, Being a stain on other people’s Emptiness,  Bohemian, Date rape, Bewilderment, Wandering, Dessert, Independence, Truth, Strength coming from the Forgotten Force of the Feminine, Denial, Silence, Nocturnal Rant, Kept in the Dark, Midwife, Menopause, Feline, Dharma Protector between the shifting worlds of  Night and Day,  Shape Shifters, Unfinished Business,  Exile, Raw, Blisters on your Soul, Female Warriors fighting for equal rights (with guts), Pure, Straight as they come, Outspoken, Old Fashion Gypsy Pride, Dignity (with guts), Black Velvet if you please….

 Priapus themes:

Fake Personality, Socially Adapt, Cowardness, Parasites, Gold diggers, Godforsaken, Establishment, Sociopath’s, Control of Strong Women, Prostitution, Pimps, Fear of  Women, Zealots, Jezebel’s, Social Climbing,  Demon Soldiers, Narcissism, Power Hungry, Fear of Exposure, Covered Weakness, Patsies, Idiots Undercover, Social Adaptability at all Costs, Selling your Soul and/or advertising/exploiting Those of Others, Cruel Intentions,  Spiritual Losers, Soulless, Viagra,  Productivity at all Costs, Cover ups to keep the lid on Lilithian Energies, Stalking, The Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkey’s, Empty, Baseless. SkinSuiting, Copying, Groupthink, Smear Campaigns, Wandering/Wondering Wombs, Empty Vessels….

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