Pluto opposing Jupiter: The Sting

p29Pluto conjoining Venus Rx in Capricorn opposing Jupiter Rx in Cancer, trine Chiron in Pisces; is one of these transits putting a strain on personal values connecting philosophies and belief systems concerning living in an society the way it is, today.
While Chiron in Pisces is showing us our spiritual wounds: Pluto in Capricorn is sort of demanding us to look our future prosperities into the eye, in a practical way. Family matters, roots, and matters of the tribe are face to face with rigid, dogmatic, values and structures which are governed with an iron fist; by a system which is way bigger than us. At the apex of the confrontation we have Uranus lurking in Aries for a chance to impose his will, or to free himself out of the complete Cardinal deal: with a bang.

Soon, Mars in his retrograde motion in Libra, will join the scene. Lilith just made her point in Cancer concerning motherhood, nurturing, caring and family matters; before she’ll slips in to Leo, cutting through some ego issues, kingship, entertainment, creative expression, and to shine a light onto our children.

College Loans are a big, global issue these days, and for some of our children the weight of them might become a little too heavy at a certain point: somewhere, during the year in front of us. Under the influence of the upcoming Lilith/Uranus trine, some of them might go out there, to protest. However, under the influence of Jupiter entering Leo as well, some of them just might go out to have a big party, ending up gambling it all into thin air. Under all the coming influences: if you’re a parent and your children just left home, or will leave home in the year ahead; it might be a wise idea to keep an eye on them, without being all to overbearing. With Mars Rx in Libra, testosterone might end up a little frustrated this year, and some of these kids might end up in trouble, as soon as Mars leaves his retrograde shadow and enters Scorpio, by the end of next summer.

Venus in Capricorn backwards, is looking over her shoulder towards Pluto, before she stations direct on February the first. Money, joint resources, steady love and personal values are issues, which have to be worked on, before she will make another opposition with Black Moon Lilith in Cancer: who just made a trine and had a chat, backstage with good old chap, Saturn in Scorpio. Who knows what they have gotten themselves into? Water trines are subtle and the sign of Scorpio lives under the radar. So does Lilith…

For now, the main issues to take care of will be: handling money issues, family money, responsibilitlies, alimony, inheritances, trust funds, college loans, insurance issues, joint resources with an eye onto the future: as well as family business, responsibility, tradition, spiritual legacy and deep inner values. Spiritual belief systems concerning love, power and conventions combined with some serious bitch fights to pull off a steady home base, with staying power; also might be in the cards, before Lilith and Jupiter in separation, will both enter Leo: the sign of the gambler.

That is, of course, if you want to end up at the right side of the polarity concerning your values, before Pluto’s Sting comes out.

Joplin – The Entertainer…

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