Chinese New Year and Venus Direct


Happy Chinese New Year!
The Year Of The Wooden Horse…

 “One should seek good balance in motion and not in stillness” – Bruce Lee

First a little up-date: the Blog still is under reconstruction and for those who’ve wondered where my links went, with Saturn on top of my Neptune (co-ruler of my 3rd , and completely fogged up these days) – Venus contact; having an endless sidebar in my design (somehow) became a problem to me. I am preparing a page especially for these, but during the Venus Rx in Gemini 2012, I gave up on my internet connection. Which, believe me, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made: there is peace in my living room again, simply because I’ve kicked out half of this world this way. Last spring I’ve also ditched my internet connected cell phone, which was a relief as well. However, it is a crazy way of working the Blog, because I have to go out to keep it rolling and borrow devices of others, to do my reading to keep up with it all; which takes time.

Soon Mars Rx in Libra through my 10th will back me up on this, and I am looking forward to it (Lol). I am preparing another post for those, like me, who where born into the notorious  year of the Fire Horse; since this year will stretch many of our planetary boundaries. To us, this years Venus/Mars Retrogrades, are very much connected to the last Venus Rx/Mars conjunction in Libra/Scorpio, on top of our nodal axis, back in 2010. This time Venus Rx in Capricorn dispositor, Saturn, is touching our nodal axis. Many of our natal Black Moon Lilith positions are touched by Chiron. If not: our natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction is coming into his focus.

Back to Venus: I‘ve noticed a couple of things in my environment which made me wonder and did some checking on the net as well. Venus on top of Pluto is having a ball! Besides the fact that Venus Rx can bring back old lovers for better or for worse, Venus on top of Pluto is notorious for ending up with stalkers: the guy who never really had you and becomes obsessed about it.  However, with Venus direct in Capricorn; stalkers who can’t get over their own  Priapism will have to crawl back under the woodworks again. This Venus retrograde is all about taking responsibility by being real, and has one hell of a sting for those who still don’t get it: with Pluto in Capricorn & Lilith and Jupiter in Cancer. Even though, Pluto/Venus contacts are notorious if it comes to stalking problems, hang in there: the soon to come Mars Rx is a good position to review things and to take legal action at a certain point, while Mean Black Moon Lilith slipping into Leo, will shine a light on full blown narcissism: for the next nine and a half  months. Pluto is a bad-ass right now, taking it out on Jupiter: he knows he has to close the deal with dispositor Saturn in Scorpio, the mature way, before he can negotiate with Chiron in Pisces; who might shoot a hole through the wall. 

“Preparation is opportunity” – Bruce Lee

In the mean time, prepare yourself for an erratic year:  relax, keep the faith, and do take advantage of the upcoming retrogrades; Mercury will be next…!


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