Venus vs Lilith: Squeezing Mars


With the Venus retrograde in Capricorn we’ve just survived, there are a few things I like to point out, before the upcoming Mars Retro in combination with the Grand Cardinal Cross comes around. Not to mention the three years of Jupiter/BML conjunctions we have behind us, in the signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. Mean Black Moon Lilith in transit has the capacity to cut through the truth of matters you have been in denial about. Within this dynamic your first reaction will be to slip back into denial again: rejecting the truth she showed you. Her conjunctions with the expansiveness of Jupiter prevented this dynamic from happening , and gave off some more than serious signals in the signs and houses were they took place: especially in Cancer as the empty leg of the Cardinal Cross, back in 2010.

After reviewing relationship issues for 40 days during Venus retrograde motion ending up in power struggles concerning motherhood, family issues, money, shared resources, other people’s recourses, security matters, mainstream society, the status quo, and deep inner values, or lack there of: Mercury stationed backwards, to review old era, up against new era issues, by turning back to the Age Shift degrees to think things over. Times are changing and collective, mainstream values are shifting on us.

Venus Rx in Capricorn, as first move into her new 8 year cycle in front of the next hit, if it comes to the Grand Cardinal Cross, has been pivotal for many reasons. Venus, who rules money, possessions, values, love, commitments, and relationships takes the lead being ruled by Saturn in Scorpio; and as the dispositor of the upcoming retrograde motion of Mars in Libra, who will complete the Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs, next April. On top of that: she also is the ruler of the North Node, who just slipped into the sign of Libra.

At the first week of March the almost complete astrological landscape will change on us. First of all: Mercury will station Direct in Aquarius, crossing the Age Shift degrees again. It was one hell of a doozy to me, and on top of that, gave me a serious writer’s block. Around March the 3rd , Mars and Saturn both are stationing into their Rx motion in a wide semi-sextile: which will be as tight as it gets at March the 26th (the semi-sextile aspect maybe is a minor one, but it’s an aspect which can work quite well in co-operation with another). For those of us who have matured and have developed healthy ego’s: this at the beginning of the notorious Mars in Libra moving backwards into the Cardinal Cross is a good sign if we’re talking co-operating, allies, diplomacy, stepping a side if necessary when things are heating up; and paving a strong, but cautious foundation underneath whatever it is we are building for ourselves, with an eye onto the future (Uranus in Aries). Mars rules and will give delays if it comes to: action, initiatives, new projects, sexual relationships, testosterone, muscles, sports, survival, willpower, police force, the army, ammunition, war mongering, id part of the psyche/personality: the terrible two’s, etc.

Within the overheated Grand Cardinal Cross as we’ll have it; Mars Rx in Libra in his detriment, however dangerous, might be a good thing. Even though Mars in Libra is associated with passive aggression which is childish and annoying, in a formation like this, we might end up in a cold war situation; instead of exploding all over the place. All sides of the conflict know the stakes are way too high to take the risk of making the first blood. Especially if you’re standing on the Martian side of the Cross; being in detriment, moving backwards: facing the big guy’s in strong, established positions. To me it looks a lot like David (Mars) and the Goliath (Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter), only with a different outcome as in the original story (Mars quincunx Chiron/Venus).

Meanwhile: Mars in Libra as the apex of a T-square, having his ears washed by Venus in Capricorn, who still is in a plutonian, obsessed mood, concerning the status quo and the truth about the real structure of their relationship. As well as being reviewed by Mean Black Moon Lilith in Cancer, on the critical degree at the same time: still wondering about the lack of family values,  lies (as being in denial and rejecting the truth), and some serious home security matters. Even though I already know the outcome: I can’t wait to see who the real bunny boiler is within this three-some.

Update March the 5th: Mars moving backwards at 27+ Libra, with Vesta and the North Node on his heels, at 29+ Libra; at the apex of a T-Square with Lilith at 29+ Cancer, and Venus at 29+ Capricorn. The Guardian: Report reveals ‘extensive’ violence against women in EU…

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