Mars Rx in Libra


With Mars Rx through Libra, equality in relationships and human rights will be reviewed for the next 8 months. Existing relationships could be under fire based on Venus latest retrograde, and the balance of energy in terms of equality will be re-considered. New relationships will take time and precaution before they’ll be confirmed. Sexual relationships might have certain difficulties and could be delayed for certain reasons. Relationships that aren’t working well might fall apart. Separations could end up in court, and choices concerning the other ‘person’ have to be made. Co-dependency issues could pop up for all the right reasons, based on the global, economic situation; or in places in the world where there is a lot of unrest, like the Ukraine. Co-operation in healthy human relations will ask for care full adjustments, but might be the best option to survive the times in front of you. However, in unhealthy relationships co-dependency issues could become your downfall in times ahead. If you’re in a bad relationship, but afraid to leave because of the uncertainties it brings, things might slowly go downhill from here.

With Mars conjoining the North Node and Vesta, at the apex of a T-Square, with Lilith and Venus as introduction of this retrograde motion: relationship abuse and domestic violence might be highlighted during this particular retrograde. In worst case scenario’s, controlling and passive aggressive partners may become vindictive. If you’re in an ugly divorce already: it could be a good idea to protect yourself, your kids, your home, and your computer against covert power battles like stalking, spying, smear campaigns and sleazy turnarounds; so no severe damage can be done to you and your loved ones. For more information on how to protect yourself, and resources concerning stalking laws in the US & Canada, click on this link to The Upper Hand blog. If you do not have this opportunity, because some of the damage already has been done, make sure you safe every piece of evidence you’ll have, so you can use it on a later date in a court of law. Cases like this take time and are all about building piece, by piece. With Mars Rx in Libra, you’ll have the time, and Saturn Rx in Scorpio is there to help by making a semi-sextile.

Abusive relationships might escalate under the stress of the upcoming Cardinal Cross. Make sure you protect yourself legally; and if you’ll have to, physically. If you’re leaving an abusive spouse don’t take any chances: take measurements. Ask for the right help and legal advice in your local town. Jupiter stationing direct will be of help if it comes to motherhood and family matters, even if the opposition (Pluto and the structure of the system) is tough. Co-operation is a huge keyword this Mars Rx, just use it wisely, and make sure you know who you’re dealing with.

Meanwhile, Saturn and Mars both, just stationed retrograde. This gave a huge energy drop which could have made you feel depressed and wired out. However, the feeling of both of them going backwards; holding their horses all the sudden will stabilize soon enough with Jupiter stationing direct again. All in all: this retrograde might be stressfull and frustrating, but gives opportunities too. The Grand Cardinal Cross will be followed by a couple of Kites in May, and another one with Pluto Rx at the top. In the mean time do whatever you’ll have to do: take good care of your energy balance, by slowing down; and be aware of the Mars Rx energy drop, right after he made his opposition to the Sun in Aries, at April the 9th.

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