Mars Rx in Libra – Recap


Little update April 20 2016: Yes, I reopened my site again. Nope, not in my writing mojo yet. However, I silenced this site at the latest Mars Retrograde in Libra and wrote this recap a while later. As we Astrologers all know retrograde motions are cycles, and as such, of great importance. Right now we are approaching Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius all the way back to Scorpio, which probably will annoy many of us, roughly, for  about 8 month or so. Here follows a link to  Lua Astrology  who just wrote an article on the ‘delightful’ subject. Or watch: Mars Retrograde in Leo – The Musical to give you some sort of an impression of how this energy can work out in some case scenarios . Take care and be well!

While Mars finally moves on and entered the sign of Scorpio, it might be worthwhile to post a short recap concerning the last couple of months. I know it’s a little unconventional to do this afterwards, but is it me or did we just made a collective homerun…? Personally, I somehow ended up feeling more paralyzed then before  Mars went retrograde. Reviewing the last 4 months in combination with the Cardinal Cross  made me feel we didn’t make any progress, at all, over the last 48 years. Which is uncomfortable to acknowledge for a person who keeps believing in evolution, and worked hard on a personal level to improve her situation, as well as those of others. In my personal life certain things did came to the surface and to an end. Which is a good thing. I had the Cardinal Cross all over my chart and practically dismantled a ticking time bomb the last couple of years. Hell, the tricks batshit crazy, malignant narcissistic relatives can project on you; and the consequences they have! But I don’t feel any relief somehow… Just flabbergasted and exhausted.

On top of that, there was the global situation. For a planet in retrograde motion, many events and delays took place. Airplanes disappearing into thin air (Lilith), the nuclear top (Pluto/Uranus), the situation in the Ukraine (Uranus/Mars/Pluto/Jupiter), the spree killings (Mars direct again as part of the Cardinal Cross + Lilith entering Leo), the World Cup Soccer Games, Israel up against Palestine (again), and an airplane shot out of the sky, by whom, exactly….? (Final synthesis of all planets and points involved; and maybe even a couple of unknown Asteroids, Fixed Stars and Space Dust: huge Pluto/Lilith/Saturn/Uranus/Chiron/Neptune factor) – Making it clear to us the global situation hasn’t changed much, since the last Uranus/ Pluto conjunction: 48 years ago…

Okay, these days, Rebels are called Separatists, and the cold war has been officially over since 1989. We haven’t had an Intifada in many years, and women in general are highly respected, mothers deeply appreciated: and do have equal rights, right…?

Looking back at the past eight months during Mars through Libra, I can only state that I need a couple of more Retrogrades concerning the Personal Planets to make sense out of it all so I can come up with a better conclusion as an Astrologer, writing a blog post, than just: ‘The Human Race Made A Collective Homerun Over The Past 8 Months…?’

Despite the fact that what we use to call Freedom Fighters, Revolutionaries, Rebels, Terrorists,  made it all the way through history to Separatists… wanting their old regime’s back… (?!) what ever happened to evolution….?

With Mars through  Scorpio, Jupiter through Leo, and Saturn working his way through the last part of Scorpio, restructuring the Underworld: my next blog post might analyse the progress we’ve made all the way through  history concerning Organized Crime….

On the other hand with Saturn direct again, approaching my 12th house cusp and Jupiter in Leo into my 8th house, my next blog post probably will be:

 I’ll Be Gone Fishing…  [with my insurance agent ]

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