Lilith through Scorpio


Lilith in transit can work out as an equalizer. She can be hidden and underground for a while before she suddenly pops up, in a flashy-way, and cuts through the truths of certain matters. A little like Uranus, or like the wild card aspect, post eclipses  have. Personally, even though she always works out kind of harsh, I do not consider her the worst transit a person can have.

Like Pluto, she transforms certain matters. Most of the time matters the native isn’t entitled of, or corrects loose ends, and matters that were left off and need our attention for some reason.
With her return as the exception, her natal position is a lot harder to digest in my opinion. But the level of harshness during her transitions depends on the level of maturity the native has, as well as earnings the native is entitled of, fair and square, or those the native isn’t entitled of, because the native manipulated certain situations for the benefit of it; which weren’t actually the natives right to begin with. Lilith in transit, some how, takes care of the ‘left overs’.

Today she is finishing her round through Libra and soon will be on her way through Scorpio. May the 21st, to be exact. At May 29 Mars Rx will join her on the other side of Scorpio, wandering backwards. During his retrograde motion, stationing direct again and moving out of the sign of the Scorpion, Lilith will be transiting the first 10 degrees of Scorpio, before Mars moves on into Sagittarius.

That’s quite some picture we have here: the sign of Scorpio interlocked with Lilith on one side, and Mars Retro on the other side of the Scorpion…..especially if we’re looking back at the Venus/Mars conjunction during Venus retrograde motion back in 2010, as well as Mars previous retrograde motion in Libra, back in 2014. This, without a doubt, will become interesting with possibly quite some definite outcomes in certain occasions. The point of no return vibe.

So beware of those Scorpio subjects like: joint resources, debts , insurance policies, banks, taxes, the occult, death, criminal behavior, war, graveyards, close intimacy issues, and all of those other Scorpio themes I forgot to mention.

At May the 25th, right before Mars re-enters Scorpio, he will have a meeting, face to face with Venus again, in a straight opposition before he go’s back to his ‘in depth’ journey through Scorpio, where he will hangout to August the 3rd: while Black Moon Lilith just moved over the first decan of the Scorpion. Territory she’s been craving  for, for a long time: if you’ll ask me.

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4 thoughts on “Lilith through Scorpio

  1. Thanks for the “heads-up”, Fauve !

    BML in Libra has been most judicious, and mindful of boundaries / ground rules. But in Scorpio, heads may rock & roll.

    It should be a quiet transit for me at first, crossing Neptune in the 12th. Maybe some confusion about where I stand with others. I expect to feel more adamant as ” she” crosses the ASC at 12 degrees.

    And the opposition to Algol/Medusa at 24 TAU is worth preparing for. That will be a 1st to 7th house transit axis for me, with natal BML embracing Medusa. If there’s more Lilith lesson to learn, it’s coming this year … Bring it on . I’m wearing big girl bloomers.

    Stay tuned for transit details !
    ~ Moira


    • LOL… Okay, let’s cut through the chase right away: the Algol connection on the opposite side of the Lilith/Priapus axis…. Give me some time girl…most definitely some more bad hair days for this Venus on top of the ugly position. I bet my hair will hit the sealing when those days come around, for one thing…

      So great to see you Moira! You have no idea: I will never forget the times we’ve spend on the odes, back in the days.

      Hope you’re okay and well. Lilith through Libra strangely enough gave me a disorder in my balance organ which made me walk like a drunken sailor for a while, combined with sudden deafness and hearing loss in my right ear. In the beginning of the infection the hearing loss was terrible in combination with deformed sounds, horrible even. This improved, thank God (!!! capital G.!!!) but after the improvement and when BML entered Libra, I started losing my balance, big time: vertigo, the world, ground, insides of me, spinning like crazy. It’s a vestibular problem I ended up with these days, which might balance itself out over time. All this into the 10th house. I used to be a freaking ballet person for crying out loud! Concerning the hearing loss: the tones are clear and pure again, but I did lose the base in my right ear. Symbolical isn’t it…?

      Please do keep tuning in for those transits…

      Once again: truly great to see you Moira, (((((((Hugs))))))).


      • “Sounds” like a Neptunian influenced series of imbalances involving Mercury or the moon, Fauve. I usually associate BML influence with interpersonal relationships, but it is in my 7th after all. I don’t think I have your chart on file now, or I’d take a look.

        I’ve been unwell with a digestive tract infection most of 2015, and became quite familiar with the staff and suites at the hospital hotel after 4 long visits last year. Almost died the first time, but checked myself in before I was critical on the next three visits.

        Uranus-Aries transited my 6th cusp at the first crisis. I’ll have to time the BML transit to gauge if it’s been opposing Uranus all this time.

        Have you ever set up a FB page ? Great hearing is not required, with low level trolling defense skills handy. A smooth page certainly depends on one’s Lilith detection meter !

        I have the same E-mail, if you’d like to send a note there. I am now in Salem, and did drop out of networking for most of last year, but am comfortably working my way back in ~ with an astrological FB page starting at the next new moon, hopefully.

        Write On !


        • You’re right the sudden deafness started over a year ago: Eclipse on natal Saturn into the third; Saturn through the 12th house, Neptune in conjunction natal Mean BML, as well as in a straight opposition with natal Moon. Transit BML on top of natal Moon as well. Lots of turmoil with family members living a broad, btw. But even though hearing loss comes with balance issues, I was just a little dizzy all this time. The hearing loss made a huge improvement compared to how it started, but when BML went into Libra the balance problems really got wild. It truly was a wild ride for a couple of months. Libra also is the sign of balance, Venus is in my sixth house on top of my north node, the apex of a kite with Neptune, Mercury, Chiron/Saturn. Weird outcome but this is the only thing I’ve noticed in my personal life concerning BML trough Libra into my 10th house, which it affected, of course. BML works in mysterious ways some how and in this occasion more like an extra factor of on top of the core issue. But all the sudden and kind of wild.

          Sounds like you,ve had a rough ride too during 2015. Sorry to hear this. I don’t know about a FB page to be honest. I also like my time off of the Internet, need it even to balance my self out, LOL… You see what I mean that BML through Libra turned my life upside down. Balance is an issue these days.

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