Lilith as Victim of Blame Shifting


The First Layers…

As I’ve mentioned before, getting back in touch with your BML position, usually after years of denial and being blindsided, means working yourself through her layers.
Lilith in the chart being a point of injustice, trauma, rejection, abuse and repression; a point of enslavement, as well as a point where you’ll meet your darkest oppressors: those who are after your soul, your light, your purity, your gifts, and your connection to the spirit, means: facing them all.

The Lilith Myth, in my experience, became a victim of equal rights killers. In other words: Narcissists.

In a previous post I stated that The Age Of Pisces has a dark side, a social disease named: narcissism. Which is the dark side of Neptune. The antithesis of spiritually is the absence of self, to start with. The absence of a core identity is practically the same as the absence of the capacity to truly relate, and love. How can any one be a spiritual being, if they can not truly relate to any one, or anything in their environment, and/or to their surroundings…?

Narcissists are identity thieves of the highest order. Based on the theft they pulled off, they gaslight you, they stalk you, they smear you, they blame shift, and always project their own dark side, on to you: because they, themselves, are paranoid for all the right reasons. This is a mechanism I already called ‘The Lilith Projection’ , decades ago.

If you want to know what the narcissists, you and your Lilith position have on your back, are up to: listen carefully to what it is they are accusing you of: It’s their own perverted black mirror they’re displaying, while stealing your spirit, identity and anything else they can lay their hands on. If you watch care fully, you can always see the other side of the Lilith/Priapus axis shine through the fog they create: the Priapus side. Always…

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