Jupiter Speeding Up


With all the retro’s backing out of the race for a while, Jupiter seems quite alone on his quest to keep it all together. As part of the T-Square with Neptune and Saturn, Jupiter in Virgo at least is a good position for healing and adjusting certain health matters. Medication even.

While it’s quite fashionable these days to look at Chiron in the chart for the healing of aching wounds, I always look at Jupiter if I need medical attention: I like it when my doctors have medical degrees. The more natural adjustments of healing like herbs and diet adjustments I can take care of myself quite well. Chiron in Pisces is way to messy for my Virgo Moon if it comes to healers, and shamans anyway.

With Jupiter in bad aspect to Neptune it’s not a good time to put all of your fate in to a guru, healer or shaman,  and with Saturn pulling the brakes in the mix, it’s time to be cautious. Even though I am not a fan of Big Pharma either, if you are on medications for mental conditions like bipolar disorders or anything close to psychoses or schizophrenia, now is not the time to stop taking your meds. Medical adjustments, maybe… going cold turkey a definite no-no, for as long as the T-Square still is this tight.

With Mars moving backwards in Sagittarius and the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius it might be good time to look back and re-adjust social media matters as well, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we’re in for some overheated disputes on the net in terms of social media, the alternative media, and the established media.

Me personally: I still want to write a piece on the absolute social, alternative media insanity I kept following  since the Jupiter/Lilith conjunction in Gemini, back in 2012, which started right after the Sandy Hook shooting; and still hasn’t ended, up until today. With the following New Moon in Gemini it might be a good start if it comes to going back  to that particular roller coaster of insanity .

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