Jupiter in opposition to Chiron Rx

While I was writing my latest post: Jupiter Speeding Up Again, I hadn’t seen the chart of the tragic event that happened on December 14th 2012 at Newton’s Sandy  Hook Elementary  School,  since the day it happened. I did however kept track on the event through all the media we have in general, these days, every six months or so. As a parent I was deeply affected by the event, if our children aren’t even safe in their schools anymore because of violence of this caliber, What  on Earth is it we have to do….? As  parent of a child who has a form of autism myself, I was defeated by the aftermath of the event, and the burden of the responsibility I felt weighing on my shoulders. I felt deeply sorry for the victims of the shooter, their families, but also for Nancy Lanza, and the Lanza family in general. I kept track on the situation for a long time looking for clues where this outburst of violence against innocent small children started, to begin with. No matter how you look at it, this was an absolute hideous crime of the highest order.

To my surprise, however, within one month the victims and their families ended up being blamed, shamed, and humiliated all over the Internet; by so-called Truth Seekers and the Alternative Media.
The families, relatives friends and first responders were re-victimized over, and over, and over, again: up until today, to a point of harassment, stalking, and death threads, by an incredible large amount of people, worldwide…

I’ve never, ever, had seen anything like this in my entire life before, and immediately realized it was the astrological impact of the Jupiter/ Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, to start with. So, I always planned to dig up the chart of the event some day to dissect it. A couple of days ago, I printed the chart and even though the chart speaks volumes to me, I won’t publish it on this site, for obvious reasons. However, I didn’t realize how relevant the chart is if it comes to the time frame we’re living in right now, concerning the event, as well as a the aftermath. The “how could this happen” in terms of re-victimization, on a scale this massive, questions:  which in my opinion are valid, aren’t answered yet, either. But here are some astrological clues concerning now, the future to come, in just a couple of months, without the Flux Capacitor  effect from Back to the Future, of a highly charged Lilith/Priapus axis mixed into a couple of Yod’s, from the past.

Besides the Jupiter/Neptune opposition we’re having for the second time around, right now, which can make people overly optimistic, over zealous, seeking justice through belief systems, which afflicted can leed to ego inflation and other overestimated conditions; we also have a Jupiter/Chiron opposition coming up at August the 13th, which can make people lose hope into the legal system, religion, the academical world, and of course: establishment. In the mean time Saturn is digging  his heels into the ground, in Sagittarius, which is a tough sign to ground in for an Earth Planet like Saturn; based on Sadge his fire. At this moment as a result of the Earth Trine people feel sort of cool and finally have some sort of a break, for a while; but in about 3 month many people might lose hope and faith over certain issues, and might start to revolt again. Which, in my opinion, is what happened during the aftermath of Sandy Hook. Revolt (Chiron). Pure revolt  without any solution, nor sublimation, in any way, shape or form. Highlighted by the flux capacitor effect of the Lilith/Priapus axis mixed with the Yod’s into the dynamics.

In 2012 we had Chiron in conjunction to Neptune in a T-Square with the Jupiter/Lilith on one side and Mercury/Priapus on the other side of the opposition; mixed into two Yod configurations, while one of them was a boomerang Yod, straight on top of the Lilith/Priapus axis. The South Node was on top of Algol in Taurus, into the 4th, and the North Node was into Scorpio in conjunction to Venus, into the 10th.

The next 3 months to come, and especially this Full Moon, will repeat the same themes. I can’t help wondering about the effect Mars Rx in Scorpio will have, if it comes to the community of Newtown. I don’t know what exactly happened that day either, but watching the aftermath of this massive re-victimization, caused by the ‘ real victims ‘, The Truthers, The Alternative Media, and according to them: We The People,  isn’t exactly my idea of justice either. Ouch…!

May the true victims of Sandy Hook rest in peace, while their families live in a safe place, in a safe neighborhood; until the day arrives they will be able to walk outside again, to smell the roses.

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  1. I love the one star: you must be the one with the big thing going on, nobody sees, on the other side of the Lilith/Priapus axis.

    Thank you for proving my point.


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