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Welcome to  Fauvism Astrology

I opened this blog to bring some structure into my research on the astrological Black Moon Lilith. As some sort of personal note-book and to practice my writing in the English language.

I am an Astrologer who is researching the archetype Lilith. How she works out in the psyche as well as in the collective.

I have a background in classical ballet, because I wanted to become a Choreographer. Music is very important to me and I like to post music underneath  my writings, as well as visuals, to highlight their meaning and to shock a little.

This blog is a personal outlet, as well as a way to mentally  structure my research on Black Moon Lilith. Studying Astrology is a highly intellectual thing. As a psychological Astrologer I’ve worked with people and their psyche’s for more than 25 years. The psyche is multidimensional and in my opinion, also should be looked at from a right brain perspective. Artistic expression, for example, often is very good therapy.

During my research on Lilith, I found out that Black Moon Lilith is a right brain principle.  Multidimensional, hard to grasp, pin down, and to understand with the intellectual  left brain oriented mind.  Showing her trough music, poems and visuals, simply works better if it comes to understanding the psychology of the Lilith archetype and how she works out through people on a personal level.

Besides Lilith: Today’s Astrological world can use some old fashion Fauvism to shake things up a little. You can find more about me by clicking on my introduction.

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