Black Moon Lilith

Lilith in the chart represents a point of repression, denial, refusal and trauma. If you have worked yourself through all her layers, in the end she will be a channel straight into the Universe which is truly powerful, on a profound level.

On the collective level she represents a powerful female principle, which has been repressed, and abused for centuries through our entire history.

She has been buried  and kept  hidden through the complete age of  Pisces. Woman who carried the Lilith principle strongly were hunted, abused and burned. Their offspring were chased, abused, exploited and killed even.

The inquisitions and witch hunts in the dark ages are the best example of her repression which has been going on for centuries. As a result of  the thousands of years of repression, she became craving angry, like all the essentials you ignore long enough in life. Her autonomous pure female energy is raging for justice, and will not step a side for God even. But we are talking  sacred anger  here.

With Lilith comes anger for centuries of repression: witch hunts, rape, taking a way her offspring, and  forcing her into prostitution, if she picked up on the right to make her own choices. For centuries she had to live in shame, exile, and denial.

Lilith in my opinion has nothing to do with being a feminist who doesn’t need anyone. She is a woman and women need to merge with someone they love. It’s in their nature to do so. In the Myth her feminism: not needing anyone was born out of her demand for equal rights. Equal rights seemed logical to her, and the choice she made not to accept Adams oppression, turned her in to a woman living in exile and shame.

Making this choice, taking care of herself by living the consequences, turned her in to an autonomous woman. Strong enough to survive on her own: no matter the consequences.

But as a woman she still wants to connect: it is simply in her nature. There is pain involved here, but she can live with: it wasn’t fair of Adam to oppress her, in the first place. After all: they  were both made out of the same Earth…

In the end Lilith in the psyche, as well as in the chart, is a clear open channel to the universe. If you fully realize her in yourself you will channel her through your complete system, where she streams out through your third eye. Even though her energy streams through the  third eye, you ‘ll have to be heavily grounded to be able to do so because it is incredible strong energy, and quite wild in nature.

She is what Tibetans call Vajra: Vajra means lightning bolt. If your energy is not strongly grounded into the Earth, you might  blow yourself away,  on an energetic level.

In her best form she is your most authentic self in corporation with the universe. Beautiful and strong: the ultimate kundalini rising and highly tantric in nature. But her path go’s straight down through the Earth. Plain and simple.

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Lilith and Priapus

Lilith is a clear-sighted multidimensional channel that synthesizes on a right brain quality. The usual left brain intellectual society around her feels threatened by it and rejects her qualities. Nobody accepts her message and she lives in exclusion because of it.

Black Moon Lilith in the chart among other things (she is incredibly complicated) represents a point of injustice: There where you get enslaved because you are multidimensional, clear, powerful, wild and uncontrollable. Linear left brain orientated society doesn’t like it and will try to control you because of it.

Above all: you do know it better if it comes to this part of your nature. Besides the fact  it is your connection with universal  consciousness it also is an incredible powerful part of your psyche, as well as your personality.

Nevertheless, you’ll become an outcast or a renegade in the areas where she is working in your chart/personality. Because of this, the channel closes through a traumatic event at a young age. You cross over to Priapus side of the axis by submitting to the intellectual, left brain orientated society that surrounds you.

Needles to say this comes with hidden resentment. This part of your nature will get wild if it’s kept repressed , oppressed, covered up, hidden, and will build shadows. No matter how loving you think you are, and how many people you have to confirm it: it’s a law of nature.

Those who open it up again, later in life will have to deal with the feelings of trauma, injustice, resentment, anger and rejection of the outside world, by going through it. Lilith is about taking back your power, by living it. It’s top realism of the highest order. This quite raw clarity, which is called Vajra in Buddhism, is what it is: it doesn’t come out in a sense of showing you what is, but by ruthlessly cutting away what not is…

Which isn’t the same as acting out on the emotions of the reptilian part of the brain, when you are experiencing the Lilith rage. The emotions of the reptilian part of the brain are part of us, but useful for survival in the moment.

It’s about living the Lilithian emotions, so to speak, down to the bone; but by being in control of them. Human emotions are a part of life: they make you human, but we are living in a society where they don’t want you to have them. The further away you are from your true emotions (Moon), the less ground you’ll have under your feet. The less ground you’ll have under your feet: the easier you are to control. It’s that simple.

Priapus is the polarity point of the Lilith/Priapus axis:  placed in the opposite sign and house. It’s the exact opposite point of Black Moon Lilith.

The sign and house where Priapus is located is where you adapt very easily to mainstream society.

It’s the area where you ground yourself into society. You are highly potent in that area of your chart, but it is a fake personality. In the end it will leave you ungrounded within yourself, and with it your true spiritual power. No matter how high leveled your spiritual concepts are. They are what they are: concepts and ways to make you feel better and more secure, without true spiritual roots. But acceptable to society.

Lilith is where the roots are. Going through the (e)motions by feeling it and dealing with it, is the key.

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Lilith’s Rage

In mythology Lilith’s ranting is famous. Lilith has quite a reputation if it comes to her craving anger which ends in screaming and ranting accusations. Her rage is very real and overwhelming. Her deep sitting rage is triggered by injustice.

The Lilith rage is one of the stage’s a person has to go through during the process of integrating the repressed part of the self, she represents. It’s  part of the layers. One of the phase’s you’ll have to go through, before you can integrate her principal back into your personality again.

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Lilith and the Age of Pisces

In The Netherlands a group of Astrologers introduced a French system: The system of Jean Carteret. This system is based on The Spiritual Points: North Node/South Node, Black Moon/Priapus, and Black Sun/Diamond.

This system is highly accurate if it comes to timing the Nodes in the sense of finding the turning point from the south Node to the North Node. Even if it IMO doesn’t cover the whole Lilith area, it is a big help if it comes to working with Black Moon Lilith as well.

Lilith is a channel to the knowledge of the Universe and/or the spiritual realm: There where we are coming from. When we are born the channel Black Moon Lilith represents is still open. Around the age of 6 to 7 years it gets traumatized by the outside world and the channel closes… You switch over to the polarity point Priapus and develop a fake personality which is highly acceptable by your social surroundings. The Priapus polarity is where you ground yourself in to society to be accepted.

Usually you function really well in the house where Priapus is placed and things go really smooth for you in this area of life. If you live on your Priapus position, because the Lilith channel is closed you are loved by establishment but it isn’t truly you.

Lilith will be waiting among the shadows. Building her shadow which, usually is as large as the denial is. Facing the shadows, the rage, and working yourself through the layers to open up the channel again, is quite a journey with a lot of challenges.  It starts to rock after your  Progressed Full Moon when you get in touch with the purpose of your North Node again (since early childhood).
By the time you’ll get your second progressed New Moon as well as the Pluto square Pluto transit, which if everything go’s well will make you step into your own power again: you’ll have build the strength to work with Black Moon Lilith  in relation with your true spiritual talent, while the  kundalini is rising.

Within Carteret’s System as well as my own experience in working with it, the degrees between Mean BML and Corrected BML are called the Lilith Zone. The Lilith zone can’t be bigger than 12 degrees.

If it gets hit by a transit from the outer planets or by Black Moon Lilith herself (True, Mean or Corrected) it can be a true kick in.
To me Black Moon Lilith in the chart represents the missing link into the human psyche. We’ve repressed this part of our nature, personal as well as on a collective level, for almost a complete age: The age of Pisces.

In the last week of June 2010; Neptune will be Rx at 28 degrees of Aquarius. Mean Black Moon Lilith  will be at 29 degrees of Aquarius and Chiron will be at  0 degree in Pisces. Together they will form another triple conjunction in the degrees where the age of Pisces will shift into the age of Aquarius. Interesting is that the North Node is in a 1 degree orb on top the Black Sun at  12°35 in Cancer and the south Node is in a 1 degree orb on top of the Diamond 12°35 in Capricorn.
I don’t know how this will play out for us but there is no doubt in my mind that this will be an initiation into the years to come and how they are going to work  for us on a collective level.

The last time Mean BML went through the first degrees of Pisces, the Twin Towers came down. Mean BML was on the second degree of Pisces on September 11 2001 and we were collectively traumatized. I’ll hope this time we will collectively close the cycle which was initiated back then in a more positive way.

Jupiter and Uranus will make a conjunction in the first degrees op Aries and Saturn will be in a 3 degree opposition on the 29th degree of Virgo. Before he will move on to Libra again and takes his position in the coming Cardinal Cross: Between Pluto, Saturn and Uranus/Jupiter in the beginning of August.

We will be in for an interesting summer this year. I do have this theory about Black Moon Lilith as a principle of sacred justice. I hope she cleans the house but cleaning a mess this big is going to take time. But if I am right, this will be the first initiation into the process.

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The Lilith Zone a Spiritual Channel

Within  Carteret’s system, we work with what we call: The Lilith Zone. Also called: The Spiritual Channel. It isn’t the same as the Lilith Corridor other systems are working  with: the space between Mean Black Moon Lilith and True Black Moon Lilith, which can have a variety of 30 degrees. I personally adopted Carteret’s system because it is spot on accurate and has a much more profound and significant effect than any other system I have seen up until now, if it comes to Black Moon Lilith, and the way I work with her as a psychological astrologer.

Before I found Carteret’s system, I just didn’t know how to fit her in. Other systems of working with BML might work  good  as well but Carteret’s system definitely works for me. However you can’t hardly find anything on Carteret’s system in the English language.

In a nutshell the Lilith zone is the spot  where the Moon can’t be further away from the earth in the circle she makes   around the planet . The Lilith Zone is the void between Mean Black Moon Lilith and Corrected and/or Natural Black Moon Lilith. The channel has a variety from 3 to 12 degrees this zone is called within Carteret’s system: The Lilith Zone, and/or The Spiritual Channel.

The bigger the channel the harder it is to keep the denial going, and the bigger the chance you’ll get in touch with the consciousness the channel represents.

Because of her distance from the earth: on a psychological level she alienates herself from her cultural surroundings and might start stepping out of line. In this context she doesn’t act out like the Moon, but more like the Sun as an authentic, self-reliant star.The Black Moon in the chart uncovers the place where you escape from being in tune with your social and cultural background. At this point you don’t have a role model but, you reject the social etiquette and cultural role models that are surrounding you.

What Black Moon Lilith wants from you (male or female) is to step into the void, instead of adjusting yourself to your surroundings. Adjustment and with it the feeling of safety doesn’t work out for you in the Lilith Zone. Needles to say this comes with fear, feelings of being uncomfortable, and resentment.  Your social surrounding,  as well as your  cultural background, don’t feel comfortable with you either in the area’s  where she is positioned in the chart.

Nevertheless the Lilith Zone represents the channel where you can have true contact with your soul as well as universal consciousness. However Lilith isn’t softspoken: she is kind of harsh. She doesn’t ask but more like Pluto: she demands, and like Uranus she works out in a kind of  flashy,  sudden way.

She wants you to follow your intuition by letting everything else go: the fear, the acceptance by your surroundings, as well as your ego. But she is not asking this in a subtle way ,like Neptune does. She needs you to be strong, like she is to get the job done: Lilith’s sign, house and aspects. While nobody can take a hold on to your ego: not even you. Which  takes strength.

If you consciously want to work with Black Moon Lilith you’ll have to be able to face rejection from your social surroundings and on a deep level know your own ego boundaries, as well as your true authenticity. Working with Lilith takes a lot of self-awareness in the sense of: Know Thy Self…

Truly knowing yourself is necessary before you can let the ego go to jump into the void. Which she needs you to do. If you make a mistake and have gaps in the development of your personality: she will take you down without an excuse so you can heal the gaps. This is why I call her Vajra: she is an instrument of the absolute and needs you to be real in essence.

So, when Lilith calls you from within, you better be ready to face reality as it is, so she can work with you on a spiritual level, in the area’s where she is positioned in your chart: Lilith’s sign, house and aspects.

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The Lilith Zone and Bruce Lee

The part of the chart where the Lilith zone is located is the part of your personality where there is no personal   and/or cultural defense system. This is why the Lilith position is so hard to take and ends up in denial. Having no defence system is quite traumatizing and very hard to deal with.

The way to deal with it is to go through the motions: the emotions (Moon) as well as the anger (Mars) you feel, because it also is the one point in your chart/personality where you are completely pure and have no agenda at all. At the position of your Lilith Zone you are completely open and without any shape or form: you just are.

Strangely enough it also is the part of your personality where you are more human than anywhere in your chart. Lilith in essence is a paradox. But she definitely isn’t a demon or an angel. She just is.

A man who had a full understanding of how this worked is Bruce Lee. He was on my list of people I wanted to investigate deeper for 34 years already,  based on the fact that I’ve heard Bruce  healed a severe injury in the central nerve of his spine, which made him physically paralyzed for quite some time.

When I finally had the time: he blew my mind away and gave me the most clear and unexpected insight in how Lilith truly can work out, as well as what she represents as a force of nature through a human being, if you have the strength to complete the process. He also happened to have a Lilith Zone of 12 full degrees. Which starts in Aries; 4th house and ends in Taurus; 5th house.

The best advice if it comes to how to deal with Lilith problems I have ever heard definitely comes from Bruce.

 The Lilith Zone and Bruce Lee © 2010/2011 Fauvism Astrology

Lilith in Aspect

When Black Moon Lilith aspects an other planet the expression of the planet comes out differently. As I’ve said before: Lilith comes in layers. So, there are many different stages. At a young age you are very clear and authentic if it comes to matters and/or the expression of the  planet that is touched. But at a certain point (mostly around 6 or 7 years old)  the Lilith channel closes  because it’s rejected by the outside world. You end up being in denial and rejecting the qualities of the planet that is touched. What happens on a practical level is  you hardly know what to do with the matters and dynamics of the planet. It can even come to a point where you reject everything that has anything to do with the qualities of the planet it touches and/or project this refusal on to somebody else, while you are living it yourself more than anyone, subconsciously. In other words: the relationship between you and the natural dynamics of the planet she touches becomes truly complicated.

The dynamics and/or matters of the planet BML touches are perceived differently at an early age already. This with holds you from relating to its qualities the way your social environment does. You, yourself relate to it (in the first place) quite pure and authentic, and can’t use or direct the dynamics at the expectations of  your social environment. The results of this mechanism can work out in many different ways, but is caused by a lack of having the ‘right’ form or shape and/or the ability to throw it into the game, so to speak. At a certain point you’ll cast out the matters and qualities of the planet involved, because you just can’t direct it properly.

The only way to express the dynamics that are involved is by jumping on the wave, and to go with the flow on how the dynamic is working through you. It just is this wild.  Anywhere Lilith comes in just is out of your direction: you can’t direct her like you can with other dynamics in your chart/personality. It usually takes the second half of your life to learn how to deal with this and to be able to consciously work with her.  This is why Lilith is associated with completely letting go in the first place.  If it comes to this one: there just is no other way. Letting go is one of the key factors of working with the energy Lilith represents in the chart.

In my previous post: The Lilith Zone and Bruce Lee I point out that in the Zone between Corrected/Natural Lilith and Mean Lilith, you just don’t have a defense system. Lilith  pulls the same kind of  trick if she aspects a planet in the chart. Like I’ve said before “having no defense system is quite traumatic” so, you’ll end up being in denial and rejection on the quality’s of the planet involved. Before you can take your own power back. If it comes to the planet she aspects you’ll have to consciously go through the (e)motions (Moon) and rage (Mars), on whatever it is you were hit  by, by your social surroundings. Going through this without harming anyone, as well as yourself, takes strength. This is why within the process Transit Pluto in Square with Natal Pluto is of such  great importance. In Carteret’s System this part of the process is called: Cracking Pluto. It gives you the strength to go through this, and if everything works out, will make the ego strong enough to stop playing any kind of power games;to feed the ego. After Cracking Pluto , you are ready to work with Lilith on a spiritual level and be a channel to universal consciousness in a Vajrayana Kind of way: that’s where the crazy “right brain” wisdom comes in.  It is absolutely magical and can be truly powerful. But like I’ve said: you can’t direct her. She does you.

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Lilith in Aspect Part 2

With BML in aspect the planetary dynamics are working out differently. Even though Lilith represents a true universal clarity when the Lilith channel is open: ending up in rejection and denial because of traumatic experience’s on your Lilith position is part of the process. According to the Dutch Astrologer Bastiaan van Wingerden the process of having a traumatic experience is some sort of shock therapy to get back in touch with the universal clarity and your true qualities again. Somewhere down the line this aspect of yourself gets lost in this life and/or a previous life. Within this context it’s like a journey back home to your true authentic self, instinct’s and  intuition.

Because of this process the planetary influence which is touched by BML ends up in rejection and denial. In case of a conjunction: the planet involved gets completely denied as long as the channel is closed. In case of the other aspects except for the trine there will be parts of the planet that will be denied and rejected. If it comes to the trine: The channel never completely closes. However Lilith and anything she touches is kind of subconscious to you: You just don’t identify with this parts of your nature. She stays a renegade within your personality. Not just to others if she comes out but also to yourself. Where others can see her and blow her out of proportion  feeling threatened by her: You just don’t. At least not at the first half of your life.

Like I’ve said before: She is a paradox in essence and an autonomous  psychological mechanism that somehow stands at it self within the psyche.

One of the things which make Lilith so hard to explain is the fact that she works out  very personal and different in every case. As well as the fact that she works out in layers. but I will give it a try. One of my readers AET shared her chart with me and responded to my Lilith in Aspect post with the following words:

Quote: “You give a very good substance for me to excavate my personal contact with BML (or any other symbolic Lilith point)… I recall that at about my early years most of the confrontations I have had within school and such were physical, and how I was smaller than everyone but just simply wouldn’t back off when it comes to intellectually expressing my “selfness” at a very young age, I believe I didn’t understand that I simply was not conforming to what other people expected.. I didn’t understand what it was, and yet of all the things to bring up in perspective in the present day, I found it was simply more “fuel” to my needs to protect my interests and my differences.. but yes at a very, very young age! I recall at about that time being a little girl having the boys who were much bigger than I was punching and kicking me.. and me fighting back and not giving up! Now to think that this was the energy of BML is very fascinating. (And yes it was wrong to be terrorized at school at a very young age and to be forced to feel as though no one was looking out for me, but what is grade school in society more than just an extension of the power structure out there big bad world? What was worse was it was also the teachers who were letting other children pound on me!)” Unquote.

AET has:

True/Osc. BML at 22 Gemini in conjunction with her Mercury on top of her Ascendant.

Corrected/Natural  BML at 11′ Gemini into the 12th house

Mean BML at 1′ Gemini into the 12th house

Which gives her a Lilith Zone of 10 degrees: the moment BML or one of the outside planets will be transiting through this zone it will become more visible to spot the process and realize what actually is going on, in kind of a hard way. The hardest part of having a Lilith Zone of 10 degrees is when one of the outside planets or BML herself go’s through the Zone in transit: Your first response will be to go back into rejection or denial again because of the pain it triggers. Having a Lilith Zone of many degrees creates a no way out situation. But the gift’s it contains will  be more visible as well. Having the Lilith Zone into the 12th house isn’t the easiest position but it gives her a huge talent for: Symbolism, photography, other visual arts, music, dance, mysticism etc.

She can actually speak, loud and clear (Mercury and the involvement of the sign Gemini)  through 12th house instruments and has a very clear insight into these; on a right brain level. As soon as she faced “the shadows” that have being build and repressed  by the reactions of her cultural surroundings.

All this on top of her Ascendant will bring it out into the open in the end. But it’s not an easy road to walk. I do call my highly Lilithian people “emotional heavy weight’s” simply because they are: it’s a lot to digest. But by digesting it you will clean the channel.


People with BML in conjunction with Mercury have very sharp minds which  work  differently: They have a right brain perspective and can see straight trough any first contact they have. Even though they have tongue’s like razor blade’s, which scare’s many people: Explaining themselves in an intellectual way can be very difficult for them because they have to start thinking in slow-motion to do so. Which is hard for people with this position. They synthesize through right brain association  which go’s to fast to pin down and explain.

Part of the trauma is they attract very strong reactions from their environment by spilling things out in a split of a second, without not even realizing how spot on accurate they are. Usually people do not want to be confronted with what it is their  spotting and see them as a threat. On the other hand they themselves feel nobody ever understands them. I have a client with this position: The guy is a walking lie detector. Very controversial but don’t ask him how he knows because he can not explain it to you: he just knows. He doesn’t talk much  but when he does it cuts straight  down through anything. He can look at you with eyes which do make you feel they can see straight  through you and it does give you  an uncomfortable feeling. Even if you have nothing to hide.

So, even when you are not aware of it yourself, people around you are dealing with a Lilith aspect through you. It is deeply rooted into our collective subconsciousness to reject and refuse the Lilith dynamic and to give it (in the worst case scenario) one hell of an opposition. It also attract the hate and irrational anger of those who are living their lives on their Priapus position in combination with having flaws into their personality, in terms of not  having a fully developed,  healthy ego. If you are in touch with your Lilith position; your most authentic self and do have a healthy ego:  it can bring out the worst of people, because you are the one carrying their projections.

If you have this position like AET has: True Lilith conjunct Mercury in conjunction with the Ascendant: the kids on the schoolyard are the first who will be spotting this and resent you for it. You on the other hand don’t have clue where all this resentment is coming from, because as a child you’re just purely expressing yourself. Part of having BML on top of the Ascendant, into the first house, or in aspect with the Ascendant or his ruler, is: no matter what you do Lilith will shine through you on the most unexpected moments. You might not be aware of it, but your environment is and might respond to it in kind of a harsh way. So: No help there. Not even from the teachers which should have protected her within the situation.

According to Astrologer Bastiaan van Wingerden People who have Lilith into the first house are in possession of magical bodies. They have a soft but strong skin like rubber up until a high age, and can work magic with their bodies. People with this position aren’t just top athletes, if they go for it, but also have the gift of feeling what’s good or bad, deeply through their physical bodies. They will have to face many physical problems themselves, but also keep surprising doctors, because they can magically heal themselves from the most serious diseases and injuries.

I can confirm to you that this is true: I have Mean Lilith in  trine with the ruler of my Ascendant as well as in a square with my Ascendant and True Lilith in the second house, which  also is very physical (material) in a trine with Mars. To me this has been very interesting . But I am only one case and started to watch this in other cases: It doesn’t always work out like this, but I have seen it in more cases. People with first house, in aspect with Mars and/or Aries Lilith positions can literally work chi energy through their body’s. Bruce Lee with his Mean Lilith in Aries, Corrected/Natural Lilith  and True Lilith in Taurus still is one of the best example’s if it comes to this. He  didn’t only heal himself from severe damage at the central nerve in his back, which made him paralyzed for quite some time, but he also became famous because of his ‘One Inch Punch’ which you can  google  to see it happen.

Another First House/Aries/Mars issue is survival. The first house is the house of survival. People with this position keep ending up in survival situations. They will never ever start looking for a street fight by their own choice, but sooner or later somebody will pull them into one. It’s just a thing about this position, which is very traumatic to these people. But you can bet your live on the fact that they will kick the hell  out of you, if you are the attacker.  The moment they get attacked the shock of it will sweep them onto the right part  of their brain and the Lilith energy will start to work through their physical body, and the person with this position, as well as the attacker will be in for a surprise. But it actually will scare the hell out of  both of them. Subconsciously striking a person with your chi energy maybe sounds cool, but is not a joke. Physical work out’s to learn how to control the body is truly important for people with this position, and a great outlet which will keep these people healthy.  They’ll have to re a just, re connect and get back on terms with their Mars energies again. But they all do have great survival skills if it comes to it in the end.

According to Carteret’s system if everything works out well; you get back in touch with your Lilith position after cracking Pluto (transit Pluto square natal Pluto)  and by the time you have your second progressive New Moon you can fully work with her.

Lilith in Aspect Part 2 © 2010/2011 Fauvism Astrology

Lilith and Pluto

“As with planets, the influences of the Black Moon will depend on it’s placement in the horoscope, the sector and sign it occupies and the aspects it forms. Since it expresses radical values, it brings to the horoscope the best and the worst, the careful ambassador and the criminal mind, simultaneously and instantaneously.

Some will try to find similarities with Saturn and Pluto, but the Black Moon differs significantly from these. Saturn gives frustration and guilt by lack or mourning for something dear. Pluto brings anguish, transformation, and expiation. But both lack the suddenness of impact which characterizes Black Moon Lilith. While the culpability of Saturn eventually fosters the Plutonian punishment, the Black Moon radically executes the sentence. And although Saturn and Pluto have instincts of sacrifice, neither have anything to do with rebellion or disobedience.” The Dark Goddess Lilith by Demetra George

I could not have said it better myself: especially not in English. The above quotation is a significant point if it comes to our understanding of Lilith. Many compare her with Pluto which is understandable and they do have a relationship with one and other. In fact Pluto is a very important factor in Lilith coming out of the repression, denial and facing what ever it is; there is to face within the zone between the Mean Black Moon and the Corrected Black Moon. Before you get her true clarity back as well as her true strength: In life, the psyche and on a collective level.

But he isn’t her. Pluto is manipulative, works underground and has a certain paranoia/suspicion that is in his nature. Lilith on the other hand is as straight as they come. One of her symbols is the Flaming Sward as well as the Tibetan Dakini Knife. The deeper meaning behind this is they both cut through the truth by cutting away the unessential…

However: no one in the world has a better understanding if it comes to Lilith then Pluto has and he is the one who breaks her out into the open. Transit Pluto square Natal Pluto is a very significant factor before you open up the Black Moon Channel again so you can consciously work with it. It will show you your Lilith polarity in the Lilith/Priapus dilemma and helps you to step back into your own power again.

The best analyses I have ever seen if it comes to the Lilith/Priapus dilemma didn’t come from an Astrologer nor by a Jungian analyst. It came to me through Quentin Tarantino’s Movie: Kill Bill.

Bill (Pluto), played by David Carradine, is giving Beatrix Kiddo (Lilith) played by Uma Thurman; his vision why becoming Mrs. Tommy Plimton wouldn’t have worked out for Beatrix (The Bride) In the long run.

Click here for a 10 minute version of  the  next scene. It’s  a brilliant performance if it comes to the true Plutonian archetype and the nature of the Lilith/Pluto relationship in terms of their equality. Or watch the  3 minute Superman dialogue in the video screen: It has one hell of a punch line. Enjoy…

 Inspired by Q.  Tarantino : Lilith and Pluto          ©2010-2016 Fauvism Astrology

This is an introduction into an astrological system  I stumbled on, during my years of research, into The Astrological Black Moon Lilith. Even  though in my opinion it rocks, it isn’t completed, yet.

O, I almost forgot (Link to YouTube):  “Silly Caucasion Girl Likes To Play With Samurai Swords 

So beware….and be well.

Copyright ©2010-2016 Fauvism Astrology


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