This site reads like a book: the other way around. You can scroll through the pages, by clicking on the grey arrows next to the images. You can subscribe at the bottom of the page.

Everything written in black instead of grey is a link you can click on which will bring you some place else like You-Tube; or deeper into the archives of this site. If you click on the ‘Tags’  at the right part of this page, it will summarize, page by page, all of  the posts concerning the topic you’ve clicked on.

If you want to enter the posts, just click on the image which is displayed  at every page.

On my Black Moon Lilith, Page I’ll summarize  the posts I’ve written if it comes to the more technical side of Lilith in a nutshell, and how she works out in the chart as well as in the psyche/personality.

No matter where you might end up on this site, if you click on the title on top of every page: Fauvism Astrology , You’ll be back on the front page again.

Based on the fact that I am busy these days I made some changes: the comments are moderated and open up to 10 days before they automatically close after my latest blog post. I took the Follow button out, because I suffer dyslexia and always have to make changes after I published a post: I just don’t want to deal anymore with the anxiety it gives me when followers automatically receive my unedited, flawed, first editions, sorry: it is this wild…

Recent Posts, Archives, Search Button, Top Posts & Pages, Tags: you can all find them by clicking on the black links at the right sidebar of the Pages, instead of them being in the Blog Posts. The Pages are written in black at the top of the front page. Enjoy…


2 thoughts on “Manual

  1. Great to see you back again! Look forward to hearing more from you when you get the chance 🙂


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