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This blog basically was written for astrologers based on (in the mean time) 20 years of research on Black Moon Lilith. However, even though I like blogging, at this stage of my life it doesn’t have my priority. Which means, the blog might be slow moving for now. For those who like to keep up with astrological influences on a more regular base, I like to post some links to Astro Bloggers who, each in their own way, are covering the planetary movements on a practical level; as well as viewing them in a wider, or global perspective.

Theodore White, Mundane Astrologer: Global Astrology, Coromell’s Blog, for an update on the retrogrades, combined with the Cardinal Cross: Coromell, Robert Wilkinson, for a deeper and wider perspective: Aquarius Papers , Tell it like it is, Willow: Willows Web , Elsa P. for practical and every day updates: Elsa Elsa  & Marina at Darkstar Astrology. My two favourite New Moon & Full Moon reads: New Moon Astrology & Linda Hill’s Sabian Symbols , Robert Phoenix, who always has an interesting take on things: Robert Phoenix , Jamie on  Astrology King, and a few of the multi Astro Blog’s out there, for all sorts of Astro: Astrology Blog List , Astro Dispatch & Astrology Blogger….

Astro Poet’s and other musings, Moira’s Odes: Magdalena Smiles. Another great Astrology Blog, by Alison Gunn: Beyond The Stars Astrology and Tarot.  AstroFix: The blog of an Astro addict.

Back in 2012, Richard Dagan on Matters Of Interest, wrote an article on Asteroid Gods and Goddesses in Astrology; including Lilith. The page is filled with great links to arche-tipical and astrological resources concerning the subject. For those who like to dig, here is the link: Asteroid Gods and Goddesses…

More eloquent information on the Asreroids you can find on Astro Savvy And  Julie Demboski

That’s for starters, but this page will be an ongoing progress, if it comes to astro bloggers and other resources, I believe are signs on the wall, concerning the times we’re living in. Just keep an eye on it, every now and then…

A wealth of information for any Astrologer like me, born in the mid sixtees, can be found in: The Rudhyar Archival Project. Last, but definitely not least, a link to Astrological Mandala: The Sabian Symbols, Astrological Mandala – Dane Rudhyar.

Other great recourses:

Astrodienst,  Articles by Melanie Reinhart,  Skyscript,  Mermaid’s Retreat,  Moon Phase Calenders,  more to come…

As I’ve mentioned in my post: Lilith Victim Of Blame Shifting, the amount of hardcore narcissists you can attract on your Lilith/Priapus axis by sign, house, and aspects, can be excessive and beyond comprehension. For more information about the disorder, what it can do, and how to deal with it; 3 links to some of the best sites out there on the subject: House Of Mirrors,  The Upper Hand,  &  Out Of The Fog.

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